More recent reviews, for what they’re worth, are to be found in posts relating to CDs and concerts. And, obviously, on the internet.

A certified big deal … … Mr. Powell’s performance was powerful and robust, equal to the work in every way …
Allan Koznin, New York Times, 22 June 2004 

His playing is quite breathtaking
Robert Matthew-Walker, International Record Review, Nov 2005 

[Powell] reflects the intimate, transparent passages with an unknown wealth of colours. And nowhere, not even in the loudest episodes, is the sound forced. In this music Powell is a champion, musically, intellectually and physically.
Aad van der Ven, Den Haagsche Courant, 3 February 2003 

Powell achieved it all in a superior style, with ample virtuosity. … A huge success!
Michael Struck, Kieler Nachrichten, 27 August 2004 

When you have a pianist of Jonathan Powell’s superhuman technical abilities and intelligence, let alone his unflagging stamina, you can’t not pay attention.
Jed Distler, (July 2004) 

Powell abundantly earned the instant standing ovation he received. And I will avidly scarf up Jonathan Powell’s recordings as they appear and let you know about them. … Post-everything, a one-man musical apocalypse.
Kyle Gann, (21 June 2004)

Jonathan Powell is a serious and challenging young pianist, one whose programme indicated a decisive commitment to the cutting edge of extreme virtuosity.
Paul Griffiths, The Times, Thursday January 11, 1990 

[An] extraordinary recital from pianist Jonathan Powell … This is an amazing young musician, blessed with vigour and control.
Christopher Morley, Birmingham Post, 10 May 2005 

What a work! And what a pianist we had in Jonathan Powell! … I was rendered almost speechless in admiration for the pianist and the work itself.
Robert Matthew-Walker, Musical Opinion, no.1437 (Nov–Dec 2003) 

Powell solved the musical and also technical problems of Szymanowski’s 3rd Sonata with great bravura.
Kacpar Miklaszewski, Ruch Muzyczny (Winter 2004) 

Powell’s achievement was not just that he played the work with flawless virtuosity throughout – though a stupendous accomplishment in itself … More importantly, he made the work’s improbable external dimensions fall away, so that the entire thing could resound as music.
Martin Anderson, International Piano (November 2003 issue) 

It takes a particular sort of musicality and tremendous dedication to bring this music to life, which the pianist Jonathan Powell clearly has in spades.
Ivan Hewett, The Telegraph, 1 February 2003 

Powell brought unbelievable finesse to the interpretation of Scriabin and Stanchinsky … he earned the reputation of a great virtuoso.

Miriam Ignatyeva, Kultura (Moscow), July 2000

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  1. Dear Mr Powell,
    you are a truly inspiring talent. Your selections are quite unique, I was hoping that you would be able to assist me in locating White’s Sonata 95, as of yet I have not had any luck. Thank you kindly in advance for any advice you may be able to provide me with.

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