Sorabji RosarioTOCC 0159 Booklet.inddTOCC0097-jc-cover

Konstantin Eiges: Piano music, Toccata Classics 0215 (2015)

Leonid Sabaneyev: Piano music, Toccata Classics 0308 (2015)

Egon Kornauth: Piano music, vol.1, Toccata Classics, TOCC0159 (2013)

Jānis Mediņš: 24 Dainas, Toccata Classics, TOCC0097 (2012)

Felix Blumenfeld: Episodes in the Life of a Dancer, Convivium Records CR009 (2011)

Morgan Hayes: Slippage [concerto for piano with ensemble], recorded with Esbjerg Ensemble, cond. Christopher Autstin, and solo piano works, NMC D163 (2011)

John White: early sonatas, Convivium Records CR006 (2010)

Powell: Stanzas 1814, on NMC Songbook (2009)

Goldenweiser: Piano works vol.1, Toccata Classics, TOCC044 (2008)

Sorabji: Djâmi, Un nido di scatole etc, Altarus Records AIR-CD-9082 (2007)

Christophe Sirodeau: Obscur chemin des étoiles (with Leif Segerstam etc).  Altarus 9035

Sorabji: Passeggiata veneziana, Villa Tasca. Altarus 9067

Sorabji: Toccata no.1. Altarus 9068

Sorabji: Sonata no.4. Altarus 9069 (3)

Sorabji: Fantasia ispanica. Altarus 9084

Sorabji: Rosario d’arabeschi, Gulistan. Altarus 9083

Sorabji: Concerto per suonare da me solo. Altarus 9081

Joseph Marx: Lieder (with Sarah Leonard, soprano). Altarus 9051

Joseph Marx: Schmetterlingsgesichten, on Rarities of Piano Music at Husum 2004. Danacord DACOCD 649

Andrew Toovey: The Moon Falls Through the Autumn. Largo 5139

Alexander Krein: Piano Sonata etc. Largo 5136

Alexander Krein: Songs of the Ghetto. ASV DCA1154

Jonathan Powell: Sirenland (with Adam Summerhayes, violin). Sargasso SCD 28036

Double keyboard

Live concert recordings

Scriabin: Sonata no.10 (live in 2008)

Bax: Sonata no.1

Medtner: Sonata op.25 no.2 ‘Night Wind’

Brahms: Piano Concerto no.2

Liszt: Malediction


14 thoughts on “Recordings

  1. Jonathan,

    I would just like to state a few things. First, I find your endeavor to be a grand one, as unappreciated as it may be. I’m not sure how much outright appreciation you receive as a pianist working mostly with modern works, but I want to be the first to state that I am immensely glad you are here. This difficulty of the material you’re working with (and conquering) is legendary, and I have no doubt in my mind that you are one of the finest pianists I have ever heard touch the keys.

    The density of this material, and your seeming ease with it, is unbelievable. The endless morass of passages and mazes are easily handled with your skilled fingers. Sorabji has never been given such great justice. I am in awe of the music he has composed, and you bring it brilliantly to life. Thank you very much for posting the first section of his mammoth Opus Clavicembalisticum for free on your site. It is appreciated VERY much.

    Bravo to you sir! Bravo!


  2. Jonathan,

    Thank you for posting these wonderful live concerts, especially the excerpts from Sorabji’s O.C. I attended that concert (flew from CA just for it!) and can honestly say it was one of the most amazing concerts that I have ever attended. I’m so thrilled to see/hear someone undertaking it and other such transcendental music in an age when most musicians play it “safe” with established repertoire.

    All the best,


    P.S. We met and talked briefly about our mutual fear of flying (among other topics) before the performance. Your concert instigated my first flight in over fifteen years!

  3. Dear Jonathan Powell,
    I had the good fortune of seeing you perform Sorabji’s OC in New York in June of 2004 (at the time, a Ph.D. student in biblical studies at The Catholic University of Americe in Washington, D.C.). I just want to say that your performance that day was beyond words, beyond expression. If it had been recorded for Altarus and sold at retail, that CD would be one of the greatest recorded solo piano performances ever. I am no music scholar or even a pianist, but your performance that day, as well as your CDs of Sorabji’s dense and filigreed piano music is some of the most unparalleled there is. Your recitation of the last 5 minutes of the OC brought the house down! I’ve never heard such cascades and such evenness of otherwise blistering pianism in my life. Your commitment to this music is much appreciated, and, I am sure, it deserves greater appreciation by the music field at large than it probably gets. I look forward to your future Sorabji projects. Please keep up the good, hard work.

    c. tibbs

  4. Dear Jonathan,

    I’ve been in contact with you before regarding your texts on different composers.
    Let me start by thanking you for the many excellent recordings of Sorabji’s music — I hope that you’ll get to play in Sweden soon!
    Perhaps a joint recital with Fredrik Ullén?

    I’m also very grateful for your generosity with mp3-recordings from your concerts. I’ve just downloaded the first movements from OC and very much look forward to listening to them!

    I’m very happy to see that you are playing the Strauss/Sorabji arrangement. Ever since I heard Michael Habermann do the Ravel and Bach (C.Fantasia) in concert, I’ve been wanting to hear this arrangement of the final scene of “Salome”. Are there plans for a CD recording? I hope the Strauss foundation isn’t making this impossible.

    All the best,
    Jorgen L.

  5. I sincerely wish that all of your Sorabji discs PLUS a studio recording of “The O.C.” were available AS A BOX SET… I’ve bought, owned, loaned, and tried to retrieve these discs so many times, that my collection of your recordings is presently at zero! PLEASE have all of these released as a box set, this way I won’t ever be tempted to loan anything out ever again — AND I won’t have to become homeless to own everything again!

    Also, I too was present at the 2004 Merkin “recital” LIFE-CHANGING…

    1. Dear David,
      I’m sorry to hear that you no longer have any of the recordings … but in a way pleased you thought they were good enough to lend to other people. The thing to do is to contact Altarus Records about any re-release, since I suppose if enough people request this, it might happen. I had no idea they were now hard to get hold of … in any event, they would have any copies that still remain.
      I hope this helps,

  6. Dear Jonathan,

    as a great admirer of your really beautiful Sorabji performances, I just have to inform you, that all your Rapidshare uploads of your live concert recordings above are gone – dead links.
    It would be great if you could reup them (especially the O.C. of course) on more reliable webspace, if you get some time.

  7. Greetings, Jonathan, As I begin to listen to the Sequentia Cyclica, and having look at the Sorabji Archive list of concert performances of the Opus Clavicembalisticum, is there a chance that a recording of this work by you might be a possibility?

    1. Dear Charles, thanks for writing. Well, a recording of Opus clavicembalisticum is of course a possibility, just not a very likely one at the moment for obvious reasons. I do all of my CD recording in the UK with a particular engineer in a specific hall, but I don’t live there, so that’s out of the question currently. In order to make a recording, quite a lot of capital would need to be raised too, and a label found who would publish it. But in principle, yes, I’d quite like to make a decent recording of that piece, especially given the number of times I’ve played it. Best wishes.

      1. Thanks for the response and I fully understand both the current restrictions on musicians and travel along with the problem of financial support. It was at the moment a hopeful wish, and for the present I’ll go back to Ogdon, but not until I find another chunk of time to finish listening to the Sequentia Cyclica.

      2. In the meantime, I’m sorting through quite a lot of concert recordings of various things. I will send you some links to KSS performances if you are interested (using your email address if you’d prefer).

      3. That would be very nice and you can either post them here on your blog or send to my email address if you’d prefer.

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