Editions etc


Kaikhosru Sorabji (all available from The Sorabji Archive)
Nocturne: Djâmi KSS47, 1928, 26 pp.
Fantasia ispanica KSS55, 1933, 64 pp.
St Bertrand de Comminges KSS64, 1941, 17 pp.
Concerto per suonare da me solo KSS69, 1946 (with A. Abercrombie, F. Fabre), 72pp.
Schlußszene aus Salome von Richard Strauss KSS70, 1947, 35 pp.
Un nido di scatole KSS74, 1954, 26 pp.
Passeggiata veneziana KSS77, 1955–6, 24 pp.
Rosario d’arabeschi KSS79, 1956, 43 pp.
Piano Symphony no.6

Joseph Marx
10 previously unpublished piano works, now published by Universal Edition, available here

John White
Piano Sonatas nos.2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9-31, 33-35 and many more

Väinö Raitio
Various previously unpublished piano works including:
Valoisa yö (typeset edition, 8pp.)
Fata morgana (typeset edition, 6pp.)
Kaislojen laulu (typeset edition, 9pp.)
4 Preludes, op.14 (typeset edition, 19pp.)
Vedenneito soittaa (Die Najade spielt), op.8 no.4
Idylle, op.4 no.4

These are now published by Modus Music, Helsinki

Nikolay Obukhov
Ikona (typeset edition, 5pp.)
Tableaux psychologiques (typeset edition, 13pp.)
Hostie (typeset edition, 5pp.)

4 thoughts on “Editions etc

  1. Dear Mister Powell,
    I really enjoyed your performance of Arnold Bax’s Quintet on youtube !
    I would really love to play this piece but I cannot find the score/publisher.
    Would you be so kind to help me find it ?
    Warmest regards,
    Lionel Bams

    1. Hi. It was published in London in the 1920s by Murdoch and Murdoch. I’m sure this company doesn’t exist any more. There’s a copy in the library of the Royal Academy of Music in London, but I don’t know how helpful that is.

  2. Mr. Powell, I have question: After reading http://www.foxall.com.au/users/mje/OpusClav.htm, I got a hold of the J.Curwen and Sons edition of Opus Clavicembalitisticum I tried playing a few passages and was shocked by how many errors there were in just the notes alone. Are these errors only in this edition or does the manuscript also contain numerous errors (or at least what can be called an error). What edition did you use to play the piece?

    1. Hi. I used a mixture of the published score and the ms. There is also a published score with some of the composer’s corrections in it. I also re-typeset parts. Hope this helps.

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