Felix Blumenfeld

My new CD of music by Felix Blumenfeld has been released by Convivium Records and is available now. It contains the quite large Sonate-Fantaisie and Nocturne-Fantaisie, and a collection of smaller pieces, including the cycle Episodes from the Life of a Dancer. The music is quite fun.

I am about to go to Husum to play in the 25th edition of the Raritaeten des Klaviermusiks am Schloss vor Husum. No Blumenfeld this time, but music by quite a few of his friends and contemporaries like Alexandrov (whose music Blumenfeld played), Konstantin Eiges, Leonid Nikolayev (the fantastic Barcarolle — which Scriabin described as ‘heavenly’ — and Tarantella) as well as the Sonata op.25 no.2 of Medtner.

I have almost finished putting my collection of scores into cardboard boxes. 9 very large ones that are quite hard to lift.

I have also been learning Michael Finnissy’s Piano Concerto no.2 that I’m going to play in Moscow in September …

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