Complete Scriabin Sonatas

It is now only three days from my first performance of the ten sonatas of Alexander Scriabin. This is a project that has occupied me for some time: I first played the fifth sonata in 1984, in the intervening years I learned eight more, and this year I studied the final one. I am not including the two early sonatas (without opus number) in performance; the concert will be long enough without them.

I am playing them in a single concert for a number of reasons: I think it would be a particularly interesting journey for the audience to hear these pieces in a single stretch; there is not quite enough music for two normal-length (about 90 minute) concerts, even if it makes one quite long one (two hours and about 15 minutes); and I’m not sure if someone has done this in the UK before (I’m sure someone must have in Russia, though).



I hope to repeat the performance next year in a few places including Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia and the US; details will follow once dates are confirmed.

For those interested, the forthcoming performance will take place at the Schott Recital Room, 48 Gt Marlborough St, London W1, and will start at 6pm.

One thought on “Complete Scriabin Sonatas

  1. I was present for your 11 November performance of the complete Scriabin sonatas and it was a quite mind-blowing experience for the audience as well as, I am sure, for you as performer! The total running time was actually more or less two and a half hours. To take us on such an incredible musical journey and to communicate it to us entirely from memory was a remarkable feat by any standards. I go to hear a lot of live music – usually several times a week – but the evening was undoubtedly one of the supreme highlights of my concert-going during 2009.

    It was certainly worth hearing all the sonatas at one sitting, as one could quite clearly discern how Scriabin’s style was shifting over the course of time.

    I had taken the precaution of borrowing a score of the sonatas from Victoria music library, and this considerably enhanced my enjoyment of your performance, and my admiration of your keyboard mastery. Only once in the whole two and a half hours (in the closing bars of one particular movement) did I manage to spot any discrepancy between the notes on the page and the notes you played! And, to be sure, there were passages where I have never seen so many double-sharps on a single stave!!

    Congratulations on a truly magnificent achievement. The concert was a cultural experience I shall treasure for a very long time.

    – Stuart Whatton (Director of Music, St Leonards School, Fife, 2006-2009)

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