3 thoughts on “London concert: Friday 22 June

  1. Another unforgettable flood of overpowering music. Thank you – Jonathan, thank you – composers.

  2. Hello Jonathan
    We enjoyed very much the 22nd June concert, as we did Opus Clav back in 2003 at the South Bank. Ever since I heard that the Salome transcription existed, I have been waiting for a performance and it certainly lived up to expectations. Thanks also for the Scriabin 8th sonata, so rarely performed. For the first time I could appreciate the structure of the piece, which is usually difficult considering that it lacks that obviously noticeable ‘saddle point’ contained in his other one-movement sonatas.
    Was it my imagination, or was the Alkan actually harder work than the Sorabji?!
    Thanks again for a memorable evening and we look forward to your next concert and of course a future recording of Opus Clav.

    Simon and Brigid

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